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Tsuka Length

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The Tsuka, or handle, is made of Japanese hackbery wood. On a Shinken, the Same is a piece of shark skin wrapped around the wood to reinforce the Tsuka structure. However, to make the cost reasonable, Tsuka on Iaito only feature smaller pieces of shark skin that are embedded in the wood on each side, the purpose being only aesthetic.

The length of the Tsuka is measured including the Fuchi and Kashira. Depending on the kind of Tsukaito (cotton, silk, leather), the length of the Tsuka can be adapted slightly to get a fine result.
In most schools, the length of the Tsuka should be enough to put one hand of the practitioner three time (that is, there should be a space equivalent to one hand between your hands when you hold the sword).
The length of the Tsuka will also be rather important regarding the balance of the Iaito. If you want to keep a standard balance, we recommend that you follow the indications below.

Blade Length Recommended Tsuka Length
2.20 ~ 2.25 Shaku blade 7.5 ~ 8 sun Tsuka
2.30 ~ 2.35 Shaku blade 8 ~ 8.5 sun Tsuka
2.40 ~ 2.45 Shaku blade 8.5 ~ 9 sun Tsuka
2.50 ~ 2.55 Shaku blade 9 ~ 9.5 sun Tsuka
2.60 ~ 2.70 Shaku blade 9.5 ~ 10 sun Tsuka
C: The blade is full tang?
H: yes, our all japanese is full tang.  

c: can i customize these katana swords?

H: yes, all japanese swords accept customize work. please check here